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When you are in need of real estate appraisal in The Villages and Marion County, McCall Appraisal is there for you. We are state-certified professionals who offer timely, accurate, and detailed appraisals for your estate.

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Why Choose McCall Appraisal Co.

McCall Appraisals has more than 20 years of experience in appraising properties, specializing in the Villages and Marion County. They are dedicated to providing you an accurate appraisal in a reasonable timeframe and providing appropriate comparable valuations, which will back the property’s value.

McCall Appraisals is state certified. Besides maintaining the certification, Bob McCall and his team dedicate themselves to continuing their education in the appraisal field through various seminars and clinics.

Serving The Villages & Marion County

Our Appraisal Specialties

Estate Planning Appraisals

As an estate planning appraiser, McCall’s must be experienced, as the appraisal will become the basis for determining estate taxes and how much there is to distribute amongst the beneficiaries. We create a detailed assessment that we can provide on paper or in an electronic format.

Estate Appraisals

Our estate appraisals may include the date of death and the retrospective evaluation. We understand the requirements that are necessary to provide you with a proper valuation based upon the date of death, and we strive for accuracy in our assessments.

Probate Appraisals

Our probate appraisals are performed in a timely manner to discern the fair market value on the date of death. This is especially important when a loved one did not leave a will to identify who inherits their property. Our detailed assessment will help establish the cash value of the property so that it may be divided amongst the beneficiaries.

Client Testimonials

Eileen C.
Homosassa, FL
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Mr. McCall immediately understood what I needed, outlined the process, estimated (accurately) the price, and provided a 20+ page report when promised.
Clara T.
Ocala, FL
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Bob McCall went above and beyond during the Christmas Holidays to prepare two (2) appraisals and reports that were on a very short deadline. Mr. McCall is an asset to his profession and to our community. I appreciate Bob's courtesies and willingness to help us at a time when others were getting ready for and celebrating Christmas. Thank you, again, Bob. Clara T.
Summerfield, FL
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He quietly performed his job amidst the mess. Upon reading his report, felt it good advice to get a Home Inspection for more in-depth details, before buyout.
Iris B.
Ocala, FL
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Came when said he would, worked very efficiently, report useful to the sale of our home. Very professional and easy to talk with.
Joseph K.
The Villages, FL
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One week turnaround from taking measurements and photos to receiving the appraisal details in the mail.