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Bob McCall has more than 20 years of experience appraising properties. He specializes in appraising estates in The Villages and Marion County, Florida.

His dedication to higher education in his field ensures you will get an accurate appraisal in a reasonable  time frame with the appropriate comparable valuations to back the property’s value.

McCall Appraisals are: Professional Timely Accurate Detailed State Certified

McCall Appraisal Services Can Help You With

Estate Planning Appraisals

When Planning an estate, an appraisal will enable you to find the value of your home and enable you to divide your property fairly.

Estate Appraisals

Estate appraisals may include date of death and the retrospective evaluation. Our team understands the requirements necessary to provide you with a proper valuation based on the date of death.

Probate Appraisals

An estate settled in probate occurs when a loved one does not leave a will to identify who will inherit the property. Probate appraisals are performed to discern fair market value on the date of death. The reason for this appraisal is to establish the cash value of a property so it can be divided to beneficiaries.